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Environmentally friendly and sustainable, the clam industry provides ecosystem services and improves the quality of the coastal waters in which our crops are grown. Learn more.

Environmental Benefits

About our Farms & Farmers

Clam farming supports small businesses in 11 Florida coastal counties. You can find out more about our clam growing areas and meet some of our clam farmers here.

Clam farming provides healthy food, clean jobs and economic revitalization to coastal communities throughout Florida. Read about our production and economic statistics.

About our Industry

About our Clams

The commercial production of clams is highly regulated. Learn about the national and state programs in place to ensure public health and safety and to preserve the environment.

Try Some!

For consumer information on how to buy, handle, store and prepare clams, as well as cooking tips and easy recipes using our delicious and nutritious clams, click here.

From the Hatchery to your Plate

Clam Farming 101:

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The website was developed by the University of Florida IFAS Shellfish Aquaculture Extension Program, in partnership with the Florida shellfish aquaculture industry, in an effort to promote cultured clams as an environmentally friendly and sustainable seafood product.


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